MTU becomes first Irish university to sign Technician Commitment

Munster Technological University (MTU) has become the first university in Ireland to sign the Technician Commitment, a transformative initiative dedicated to enhancing the visibility, recognition, career progression, and sustainability of technical staff.

The Technician Commitment will raise the visibility of technical staff and their contributions to university life at MTU. It also commits to creating better opportunities for technical staff in the areas of professional development, long term technical skills and expertise and recognition through professional recognition and awards. The Technician Commitment was officially signed at a ceremony attended by MTU’s President, staff members and MTU representatives from the Unite and SIPTU trade unions on 23rd of January at the MTU Bishopstown campus.

MTU colleagues sat at a table during the Technician Commitment signing


Professor Maggie Cusack, MTU President commented: "As part of our strategic plan, Our Shared Vision, we are committed to providing our technical staff with opportunities for professional development and growth. Our technical staff play a vital role in delivering world class education and research, and the Technician Commitment will help increase support and recognition of their skills to help them thrive."

Mr Dermot Barry, Technical Officer at MTU and Unite Workplace Representative said: “Technical staff tend to be something of a hidden workforce in higher education. Yet it is a highly skilled and qualified group. In a little over five years the Technician Commitment has revolutionised the UK Higher Education and Research sectors, and even influenced the UK government’s R&D strategy. We are confident that it will have a similar impact here, and we are delighted that MTU is continuing to set the pace in Ireland by adopting such an inclusive and innovative framework.”

Dr Simon Breeden, Associate Lead, Technician Commitment said: “It is with great pleasure that we welcome MTU to the Technician Commitment. As we grow internationally, we are eager to explore innovative ways the Technician Commitment can support their journey in ensuring the visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for their technical staff. I very much look forward to working with the MTU team and seeing the details of the transformative measures they are going to implement as part of their action plan.”

Originally a UK-based initiative, the Technician Commitment has garnered support from over 115 universities and research institutes across the United Kingdom, along with endorsements from research funders, learned societies, and professional bodies. Responding to increasing global interest, the commitment opened its doors to international signatories in 2023. MTU joins the ranks as the third international signatory, following the University of Sydney and the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme.

About MTU

Munster Technological University is the southwest’s newest technological university consisting of six campuses across Cork and Kerry. The university has a student body of 18,000. It is a leader in higher education both regionally and internationally through the provision of a wide range of programmes ranging from apprenticeships, degrees, Masters to PhDs.

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